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Kudos to her voice actress Carolina Ravassa, who took the material given to her and ran with it. VALORANT Icebox Level: Where Is The Elevated Platform? Fictional spies come in all shapes and sizes, but a few staples are a must for any good secret operative. It's because I literally can't get it out of my head. Nabil is a British-Moroccan actor renowned for his roles in EastEnders, Journey to Mecca, The sum of all fears and many other movies and TV shows. Jett Voice Lines Match Start with Ally Phoenix. Way-too-early 2021 League of Legends Global Power Rankings, DAMWON usher in next generation of South Korean League of Legends, Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra expansion draft, A conversation about race and diversity in esports and gaming, Overwatch League Grand Finals -- how the meta played out, Overwatch League free agency 2021 -- signings, rosters and schedules, San Francisco Shock win second consecutive Overwatch League title, 2020 Call of Duty League free-agency news, rumors and rosters, PUBG Mobile plans India return with more clothes, less blood, Going a-viking with Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Miles Morales becomes his own Spider-Man in his new game, Moinuddin Amdani, the garment salesman who is India's best PES player, How DAMWON dismantled Suning in League of Legends World Championship final. Right now the two characters both come off as adults going through their mid-life crisis where they go hang out at the college frat house every weekend even though the students politely ask them to stop coming. He’s cool yet brash, and his voice lines are some of the best in the game. ", "Yes, yes, it's me, autographs if we survive, yeah? One minute he's a goofball sidekick with Breach and the next he's hiding in a corner watching a Jett try to fly through a window only to get caught up by his tripwire and hang like a human-sized pinata. Some members of the VALORANT community aren’t too happy with this and go as far as to say that it promotes BMs. Interestingly, the content in the above tweet also seems to irritate the Jett voice actress herself…. [ ... ], After having successfully qualified for the First Strike European main event, analyst of FunPlus Phoenix [ ... ], The Dallas Fuel have signed hit scan specialist Ki-hyo "Xzi" Jung and complete their [ ... ], The first qualifier for VALORANT’s First Strike tournament has wrapped up, and with that, some [ ... ], VALORANT players have spoken and they want Riot Games to add a reworked buy back feature to the [ ... ], VALORANT’s most anticipated tournaments, First Strike, are well underway in other regions and [ ... ], While there was big news with the arrival of VALORANT Act III thanks to an impressive roadmap [ ... ], Cloud9 has announced the signing of head coach Chris "Dream" Myrick and strategic [ ... ], VALORANT is buzzing with anticipation with First Strike right around the corner, and with its North [ ... ], Riot Games' lack of maps in VALORANT has been one of the main talking points since the launch of [ ... ], After many of the early tournaments in the VALORANT professional scene were dominated by former Counter-Strike: [ ... ], Whoops, that one wasn't in the patch notes! We're preemptively apologizing to all Brimstone fans, it's us, not you, we promise, big guy. British Agent Phoenix is a typical Londoner (complete with the accent) and seems to take inspiration from inner-city youth dialect. Phoenix (codename Apollo)1 is an Agent in VALORANT. One minute he's a goofball sidekick with Breach and the next he's hiding in a corner watching a Jett try to fly through a window only to get caught up by his tripwire and hang like a human-sized pinata. While her voice lines can get a bit tiresome the 100th time you hear them, I feel like that almost suits Jett's character, a mischievous and energy-riddled bender of the air, always ready to fly into another gunfight with her signature five floating knives. October 9 - November 21, Group C Decider There's still fighting. VALORANT Frankenstein: Agents we think would be cool to see, What we learned from VALORANT agent pick rates during closed beta, Worked with biggest teams across titles like League of Legends and StarCraft II. Raze (Enemy): “Fire in the hole!”. Each split has three regional events leading into an international major. As I mentioned earlier, his design to his playstyle to the cherry on top, his voice acting, creates an agent that can be the face of a game that enchants millions of players around the world. I listened to over an hour of all of the agents with their voice lines and as I began crafting my list, I found out that over half of them were going to be Phoenix quotes by the end of it.

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