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At Montreux, he said something about being in touch and then tracked me down in California, months and months later. "[2] In a contemporary interview, Vaughan described the recording sessions for the album: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, David Bowie is real easy to work with. The move damaged the two men's relationship and Visconti did not work with Bowie again for nearly 20 years (until 2002's Heathen). He later signed with EMI Records for a reported $17.5 million (about 44.9 million in today's dollars[13]) and was working with Rodgers to release a "commercially buoyant" album that was described as "original party-funk cum big bass drum sound greater than the sum of its influences." Co-produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers, the album contains three of his most successful singles: the title track, "Let's Dance", which reached No. However, he chose Nile Rodgers for the project, a move that came as a surprise to Visconti, who had set time aside to work on Let's Dance. Said Bowie: "I tried to produce something that was warmer and more humanistic than anything I've done for a long time. It was originally released by EMI America Records in April 1983, almost three years after his previous album, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). There wasn't anything else that really quite sounded like that at the time. Written by Bowie and produced by Nile Rodgers of the band Chic, it was released as the lead single from the album in March 1983 and went on to become one of his biggest-selling tracks. [8] Let's Dance was also a stepping stone for the career of the Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, who played on it. [10] Bowie would go on to form the hard rock and proto-grunge band Tin Machine in 1989 in an effort to rejuvenate himself artistically. All tracks are written by David Bowie, except where noted. It was recorded in late 1982 at the Power Station in Manhattan and was the first song … The official video was directed by David Mallet. Most of us never hear it live; those that do often appreciate it for its unique sounds and vibrations. She has an ability to read the room and know what to play and a talent that can easily fill an hour without repeating. Some people have called it a hang drum, hang instrument, and Handpan instrument. Paul Trynka, the author of Bowie's biography, Starman, explains the song was inspired by Pop's infatuation with Kuelan Nguyen, a Vietnamese woman, as a metaphor for his Stooges career. [16], Unusually, Bowie played no instruments on the album. Metal-neck is a factor. He was also the location finder/manager for the, The song stands out from Stevie Ray Vaughan's usual blues-rock territory. And what was really cool was that he said 'I love that!'. This was a singer's album."[2]. ", A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs, The title track to Bowie's 15th album, "Let's Dance," was produced by Nile Rodgers, who was responsible for the album's funky sound. Steely Dan's engineer, Roger Nichols, built one of the first drum machines, which they used on "Hey Nineteen.". It didn't roll the way it should have, the syncopation was wrong. [2] The album was released as a limited edition picture disc in 1983. I thought it was a song about speedballing. 2016 trat Menzinger erneut bei Let’s Dance an, schied mit Ulrich Potofski allerdings in der ersten Runde aus. "Let's Dance" is a song recorded by English singer-songwriter David Bowie, released as the title track of his 1983 album Let's Dance. In 1995, Virgin Records rereleased the album on CD with "Under Pressure" as a bonus track. ", In this talk from the '80s, the Kansas frontman talks turning to God and writing "Dust In The Wind.". It also contains a rerecorded version of the song "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)", which had reached No. A drummer for one of the most successful metal bands of the last decade, Chris talks about what it's like writing and performing with Slipknot. The Hang PANArt Instrument is a rare instrument that creates sounds that provide relaxing and healing vibrations to the listener. He told. The title track to Bowie's 15th album, "Let's Dance," was produced by Nile Rodgers, who was responsible for the album's funky sound.

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